Be a holiday miracle for local families.

The thousands of local families and individuals supported by 100 Neediest Cases are real people with real needs.

Without you, their holiday season will be so much tougher.

“I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. My family and I would be in such a bind without your help.”

100 Neediest Cases recipient

Families and individuals need your help this holiday season

C and her husband are elderly grandparents who are raising two of their grandchildren. C is diagnosed with COPD, Emphysema, and Rheumatoid arthritis and travels over 170 miles every two months to get infusions. Her husband is diabetic and recently had a pacemaker implanted. They are asking for clothes and shoes for their grandchildren.


H, a stepfather to 4, was recently in the hospital due to illness and has returned home, but he is unable to work and is awaiting a double knee surgery. The mother is still employed, but her hours have been dramatically reduced due to COVID-19. Needing to provide for her four children, aged 5,8, 13, and 15, without access to the schools’ breakfast and lunch programs has put additional pressure on an already struggling family. There isn’t any extra at the end of the month to try to save to ensure a good holiday for the kids.


Y is a home health nurse who’s working on a very limited basis right now because of COVID-19. She had to stop seeing many of her patients for fear of exposing herself or her four children, two of whom have special needs, to the virus. This loving family would appreciate any support during the holidays.


You can feel confident that your gift is making a difference, because every dollar raised for the 100 Neediest Cases program goes to help local people.


Choose to adopt one of thousands of high need cases before Christmas to help address specific needs and brighten someone’s life during the holiday season.


Now you can easily encourage your friends and family to help make the holiday season bright for local families in need with our new fundraising platform.

Every dollar raised for the 100 Neediest Cases program goes to help people. All administrative and fundraising costs are absorbed by United Way, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and 52 area social service agencies.