Adopting a family or individual through 100 Neediest Cases is an easy and meaningful way to help address specific needs and make the holiday season brighter for people in the Greater St. Louis region.

When adopting a family or individual, our volunteers will provide you with information about a case (names of family members, ages, needs, etc.). You are then asked to purchase at least one gift for each person in the adopted family. Many donors choose to provide additional support to meet specific needs (gift cards, furniture, clothes, bedding, etc.). All goods and gifts go directly to the family through a social worker. If you have any questions about the program or how to adopt a family, please call our volunteers at 314-421-6060.


Adoptions for the 2023 program year have been completed. If you have questions or would like to support a 100 Neediest Cases Family, please contact us at 314-421-6060. 

Adoptions for the 2024 season of the 100 Neediest Cases will begin Fall 2024. Thank you!