You can fundraise for your adopted family or for the overall 100 Neediest Cases program to help the thousands of local families in need. 100% of the proceeds you raise go directly to helping local people through the program. To start a fundraising page, follow our step-by-step instructions and fill out the form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up an online fundraiser?
Starting a fundraising page is easy and quick. Follow our step-by-step instructions. Please contact 314-421-6060 if you have any questions.

What is the difference between fundraising for a case and adopting a case?
When you adopt a case through the 100 Neediest Cases program, you are responsible for purchasing at least one new gift per person in the family, gift-wrapping each item and delivering the gifts to a local agency to deliver to your adopted family. Our fundraising page allows you to encourage friends and family to participate in your efforts. Only monetary donations are accepted through the fundraising portal. If you’d like to raise additional funds for your adopted family, please be sure to include the case ID number given to you by United Way when you set up your online fundraising page. This will indicate that all of the money raised through your fundraising page goes directly to your adopted family. Please note that you will not receive the money to purchase items for the family.

If I adopted a family, do I have to start a fundraising page too?
No. The fundraising page is just another opportunity for people to get involved and help others through the 100 Neediest Cases program. If you’ve adopted a family and do not wish to fundraise, you certainly are not required to create a page.

If I start a fundraising page, how do I get the money to purchase the gifts?
You will not receive any of the monetary donations raised through your page. The online fundraising function allows your friends and family to make monetary donations to your adopted family.

Can I or those who donate to my adopted family dictate what the money raised is used for?
When you first create your fundraiser, you may select what you want the money to go towards. However, those who donate to your fundraiser will not be able to designate funds to specific needs. The online fundraising option is for monetary donations that will go directly to your adopted family. Oftentimes, families use this money for basic needs, like food, rent, or utility payments.

How do I get the case number for the family I want to adopt?
If you wish to adopt a specific case through the 100 Neediest Cases program, please contact 314-421-6060 to speak with a volunteer and receive your specific case number. Please note, if you do not enter the accurate case number when setting up your fundraising page, any funds raised will go to 100 Neediest Cases General Fund and will benefit cases that were not adopted.

Do I have to adopt a family in order to fundraise?
No! You can start a general fundraising campaign for the 100 Neediest Cases program that will benefit thousands of families in need during the holidays. These donations ensure all families in the program, including those who are not adopted, receive some monetary gift.